Plumbing Tips – Unclogging Drains

Torrance Redondo Plumber

There are all types of drains in you home. They come from your Showers, Sinks, Bath Tubs, and Toilets. Each household structure requires a specific touch in order to free the drain from a clog. Check out these tips and learn how to unclog each of them.

Kitchen Sink and Bathroom Sinks: Make sure to have standing water on both sides of the sink. Place the stopper or towel on one side and plunge the other. It may be helpful to have someone help by holding the stopper in place since the plunging action may pop it out. If this doesn’t clear it try switching sides.

Toilet: A plunger works here most of the time and I believe you should have one handy for those emergencies. Some good back and forth plunging action can save you a service call from your plumber.

Showers: No air holes or overflow to cover; just put the plunger over the drain and plunge.

Bathtubs: Tubs are by far the most “daunting” to try to unclog. This is because the drains are a bit more intricately built. You have to block off that overflow before you give it a good plunging. All of the water and force generated by the plunging action will come out the overflow.

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