3 Eco-Friendly Ways to Spring Clean

Spring Time is upon us! Check out these Eco-Friendly Spring Cleaning tips!!

Air dry your laundry. Drying your clothes in an electric or gas dryer isn’t just hard on your clothes; it’s also hard on the environment. Don’t stop with natural laundry detergent. Go even further to be grean and hang your laundry on a clothesline in your backyard- (depending on the weather.). Not only will you conserve water and your plumbing system but if it is sunny you will get a nice dose of vitamin D!

De-clutter your wardrobe. Donate gently worn items to charity, where they’ll get a second life, and donate torn and stained items (if they’re made of an absorbent fabric) to your rag collection, where they’ll replace  paper towels. And as you’re packing up your winter sweaters, replace those stinky mothballs with a natural and better-smelling version: Stuff a lonely unpaired sock with cinnamon sticks, bay leaves, and whole cloves and tie it at the end. Need another incentive to donate to charity, Up to a certain amount, donations can be tax deductible!

Houseplants! Add some flowers, bamboo, or other greenery to your home. . Install a living air filter—houseplants! Some of the most efficient air-cleaning houseplants include Spider plants, English ivy, rubber plants, and peace lilies. Greenery in your home has also been proven to boost the moods of the homes’ inhabitants.

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