City of Manhattan Beach Municipal Water Codes

Being the best plumber in Manhattan Beach, Ca we would like to share an exceprt from the City of Manhattan Beach Water Codes. This is very important to know how to conserve water and  show what the city is doing to control pollution. for more details please visit the website . This information is invaluable to your home.
Pollution Control Measures:
Street Sweeping
Many local cities have enhanced street
sweeping programs, which include increased street sweeping frequency, more
thorough coverage and additional focus on commercial districts. Additionally,
other cities do not allow an opt-out program, thereby effectively sweeping every
street near the curb where pollutants are likely to accumulate.
Catch Basins
Locally, catch basin inserts and catch basin
screens/debris excluders of all types are among the most commonly installed
municipal best management practices to control trash from entering the storm
drain system. Cities subject to the trash Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL)
requirements are particularly compelled to install such devices for trash
removal. For example:
    The City of Los Angeles has installed 9,970 catch basin inserts along with
    7,278 catch basin screens.

  • Santa Monica has installed 500 catch basin inserts.
  • West Hollywood has installed 195 catch basin debris excluders along with 57
    catch basin inserts.
  • Hermosa Beach has installed 41 catch basin inserts in high priority areas
    (downtown near the ocean and the beach) to collect and dispose of trash.
    Monitoring of annual catch basin cleaning records assists in properly
    categorizing catch basins for priority and determine if they should be either
    promoted or demoted in terms of frequency of cleaning.
  • Six other regional cities have installed between 5 and 70 catch basin
  • The County of Los Angeles has installed a significant number of catch basin
    inserts in County-owned catch basins.
Pollutant Excluder Devices
A total of 105 gross pollutant
separators (69 CDS units and 36 Stormceptor units) have been installed within
the Santa Monica Bay-Ballona Creek watershed management area (including those
installed in Manhattan Beach). Other cities in this watershed management area,
as defined by the Regional Water Quality Control Board, include: Beverly Hills,
Culver City, El Segundo, Hermosa Beach, Los Angeles (portion of), Palos Verdes
Estates, Rancho Palos Verdes, Redondo Beach, Rolling Hills, Rolling Hills
Estates, Santa Monica and West Hollywood.
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