Easy Steps to Shut off your Water Supply

Folks Have been coming to us lately with problems with thier household water supply. There has been confusion on how to shut off the household water supply. This is super easy to do, but for the average person they do not pay attention to thier water heaters and drains…the problem kind of sneaks up on them so we though we would tell you how to at least turn-off the water in your home.

When you need to shut the water supply off to the entire house or when a local plumbing fixture has no local shutoff valve, the place to go is your home’s water meter.At the water meter you’ll find a water supply line coming into the house from the outside.Between it and the water meter is a shutoff valve. On the other side of the water meter is another shutoff valve.
To shut off the water to the house, turn off the valve located BEFORE the water meter, on the supply side.

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