New Year's Resolution: Better Housekeeping?

Sals Plumbing: The best plumber in Manhattan Beach wants to share how we fix, a common problems that we see everyday on the job.With the start of a new year, maybe your family has made a promise to do a better job with the household cleaning duties.

Break down the household responsibilities by creating a chore chart. This lists the chore itself, who will do it and when it will be completed. If necessary, organize the chart by day, week, and month. Before you start in on the cleaning, evaluate your home. Is there a place for everything? If there is too much clutter, you might have to get rid of things before you can begin to organize and clean. You also may have to rearrange items to make space. Once things are cleaned out, make sure the items on the chore list are completed on time. Create incentives if you need to, so everyone can be rewarded for their hard work. Being motivated to clean is sometimes the most difficult part of it. Encourage yourself to clean by inviting someone over or rearrange a room. Save money on cleaning products by using dish soap and water, purchasing store brand or sale products, and use reusable cloths and mops. Speed up your cleaning chores by keeping all of the proper supplies in the same place, where they are easy to access. You might notice you move a little faster if you crank up your favorite music. Start your clean sweep in your least favorite room, that way, you finish them when you are still motivated to move throughout the house.

Remember not to clean just because. If a room is still clean from the last time, don’t do it again until it is messy.2012 will now be a year of good, clean, fun!Follow us on twitter: @Salsplumbinginc and get more tips and free plumbing advice! Dont forget to “LIKE” our facebook page!